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Rummy has numerous variations. When travelers brought rummy to different parts of the world, each country put its spin on it, which is how so many diverse variations evolved. Pool rummy is one such variation that is particularly popular in India. It’s ferociously competitive, delightfully difficult, and thrilling.

You may also play pool rummy online. Rummy is one of the most popular virtual sports apps. It is an enjoyable and handy way to spend your leisure time. Playing online pool rummy will also allow you to win a lot of money. If you’ve never played pool rummy before, keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

A quick guide on pool rummy

Pool rummy is a variation of India’s popular 13-card rummy. So the fundamental rules remain the same. The rummy table accommodates 2-6 players. The pool rummy deck is made up of 52 cards. The cards are ranked from 2 to 10, with four high-value cards: Ace, Jack, Queen, and King, each worth 10 points.

Players must organize all 13 cards into sets and sequences. At least one pure sequence must be paired with an impure supported sequence. The fastest player to arrange their cards wins the round/deal of online pool rummy.

The individual who wins the deal in pool rummy receives 0 points. When playing pool rummy, you must keep your score as low as possible. You will remove yourself if your point total exceeds a certain threshold.

How are revenues in online pool rummy calculated?

You must pay an admission fee to play pool rummy online. If you win, you will be awarded the admission money multiplied by the number of pool rummy players. Because you are playing pool rummy on an online site, It will deduct a tiny amount from your total wins as online charges.

How to Play Pool Rummy 101, 201, and 61?

Pool rummy is a type of rummy game, and you should keep the following considerations in mind when playing Pool Rummy 101, 201, and 61:

The 101 Pool Rummy deck has all the cards, from the Ace to the King, and all four suites. This variation also includes printed jokers. In this game, you strive to beat your opponent’s score of 101. Anyone whose score exceeds 101 is removed. You must also ensure that the total score of your cards does not exceed 101.

The same cards are used in the 201 Pool Rummy game as in the 101 Pool Rummy game, but the player must ensure that the opponent’s score points exceed 201. Always keep your points under 201; otherwise, you will be eliminated.

This is a much faster form of Pool Rummy, and the player is eliminated when their score hits 61 points. So, while playing this variant of rummy, keep your total point total below 61.

How To Play Pool Rummy On Paytm's First Games?

To play Pool Rummy on the First Games App, follow these steps:

Open the First Games app on your phone and select rummy to play.

Here you will find a range of rummy games. You can proceed by selecting the Pool Rummy game and adjusting the price to your liking.

The game is played between 2 and 6 players, and you must wait a few seconds for the other challengers to join in.

When the game begins, each player is handed 13 cards. The rounds of picking and discarding cards start with the goal of producing a legitimate proclamation while maintaining the score point within the given number.

When arranging your 13 cards according to a legal declaration, ensure that at least two sequences are included, one of which must be pure. Players can also use printed jokers to construct impure sequences or sets.

On the Games app, pool rummy is played with 101, 201, and 61 score points, and you must ensure that the score points of your cards remain limited according to the variation you are playing.

The player who makes the first valid statement wins the pool rummy game.

Pool Rummy Guidelines

The following are the Pool Rummy rules:

Pool rummy is a game for two to six players. The game has two decks of 52 cards each plus printed jokers, with variations of 101, 201, and 61 scoring points.

All challengers must arrange the 13 cards dealt correctly to produce a legitimate declaration with sets and sequences. Always remember that a valid declaration must contain at least two sequences, one of which must be pure.

In pool rummy, you can build impure sequences and sets using printed jokers and wild card jokers.

Remember which pool rummy game you’re playing – 101, 201, or 61. A piece card is worth a set number of points, such as A, K, Q, and J, worth 10 points each, while others are worth the value indicated. For example, the number 8 is worth 8 points. You must ensure that the score point of your card remains below the type of rummy that you are playing when playing. If you are playing 101 pool rummy, you must keep your score points below 101, or you will be eliminated.

In pool rummy, a valid declaration must always have a pure sequence. It comprises three or more cards of the same suit in sequential succession. (345 is a complete sequence.)

You can always employ joker cards when creating an impure sequence. (789PJ – In this case, PJ is a printed joker that is used to replace the missing ten.)

In pool rummy, a legitimate set consists of three or four cards of the same value but different suits. (22222 is an example of a set.) You can also make sets with Joker cards. (7777PJ – PJ is a printed joker used to replace the missing 7.)

The Pool Rummy game is won by the first player who makes a proper declaration while keeping the score points within the predetermined boundaries.

Pool Rummy 101 vs. Pool Rummy 201

The classic card game rummy has two variations: 101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy. Both games are played similarly, with the main difference being the number of points scored and dropped.

The following is the information that distinguishes 101 pool rummy from 201 pool rummy:

Score points:

In 101 pool rummy, the game ends when your score point total reaches 101. Similarly, in 201 pool rummy, the player is eliminated when their score point exceeds 201, giving a significant margin than in 101 pool rummy.

Drop Points:

The first drop in 101 pool rummy is 20 points, followed by the middle drop of 40 points. However, in 201 pool rummy, the same is 25 and 50, respectively.

How to Win at Pool Rummy

The following are some pool rummy-winning strategies:

  1. Create a pure sequence as soon as possible – Creating a pure sequence is required for a proper declaration. It is better to establish a pure sequence.
  1. Gather jokers – You’ll need printed jokers and wild card jokers to make impure sequences and sets. So, whenever you get the chance, gather joker cards.
  1. Only keep unimportant cards in your hand for a short time – After sorting the cards, you should have a basic approach for constructing sequences and sets. Always discard cards that are irrelevant to you in this situation.

A step-by-step guide to playing pool rummy online.

All online pool rummy participants pay entry fees. The entry fee also contributes to the prize fund, which is distributed to the winner when the pool rummy game concludes.

At the pool rummy tables, each player is dealt 13 cards. The transaction is computerized and thus entirely fair. The cards that remain after the deal are turned face down. The top card in the stack is revealed and turned face-up. This is the time for players to discard their cards. The full card is often known as the sliced Joker. 

Jokers, all cards of the same rank from all four suits, are also cut. Along with the printed Jokers, the cut Jokers can replace missing cards as you build sets and sequences.

You will take turns around the table. You’ll discard one card and pick up another when it’s your turn. This ensures that the number of cards in your hand is always 13. The turns will continue until one of the pool rummy table players can arrange their cards into valid sets and sequences.

If you cannot continue playing pool rummy online, you can’ drop.’ If you drop, some points will be deducted from your score as a penalty. You can also return to the pool rummy game.

Pool rummy online has been eliminated. When playing 101 pool rummy, you are eliminated if the total value of your cards in your hand equals or surpasses 101 points. To avoid elimination in the 201 pool rummy, maintain your overall points below 201.

You can press the declare button if all your cards are stacked enough according to the rules of 13-card rummy. This will make your cards visible to everyone. If the agreement is valid, you will win the pool rummy deal.

Online pool rummy point tally

When you can arrange all your cards into valid sets and sequences, your score drops to zero, and you win. If a player finishes the game without being able to arrange the cards into sets and sequences, they are penalized with points that are added to the score.

Making money with pool rummy

Assume the entry cost for online pool rummy is INR 50. There are six players in total. As a result, the prize pool, or the amount awarded to the winner, equals the entry fee multiplied by the number of players at the table. In this scenario, INR 50 multiplied by 6 equals INR 300.


Pool rummy online is a fun way to get extra money. You can download in Rummy gold 2 app, such as Paytm Games, which secures your data and allows rapid withdrawals. Your online pool rummy software should also ensure secure financial transactions. You can make money from online pool rummy if you practice a lot.

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