The Ultimate Game Tutorial For Car Roulette Learn Now.

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The proliferation of online card and rummy games has led to the development of a large number of websites that are very similar to one another. The one that sees the most action among these online games is called “Car Roulette.” The proliferation of online casinos that allow players to risk real money has contributed to the meteoric rise in popularity of the game of Car Roulette in recent years.

Hi reader It’s me again this article is written for you to learn about the car roulette game and everything information I can give about it resulting of me playing the game in a month. Keep on reading I am sure from my best to give you the best information I got from this game. 

What exactly is "Car Roulette Game"?

Despite its roulette origins, “Car Roulette” functions strikingly like a head-to-head race between two fast vehicles. In terms of aesthetics, the interface is reminiscent of a video game featuring a virtual motor racing. The bettors and the players both act as race car drivers.

Due to the fact that there is no advantage for the house in risk-free roulette games, players are free to take as many risks as they like. The player has nothing to worry about because this is just a practice round of free roulette, thus there is nothing at stake. A player should maintain playing practice games until they feel comfortable enough to start competing in games with real money before moving on to the next level.

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More information About Car Roulette Game.

Here are some of the many information you need to know about the car roulette game online with our game app.

It's a Money-Making Car Roulette Game.

Due to the fact that the house has no advantage in risk-free car roulette games, players are free to take as many risks as they choose. The participant has nothing to lose because there is no real money at stake in this game because it is just a practice session. A player should continue to improve their skills in practice games until they are confident enough to gamble real money before moving on to the next level. Only then should they move on to the next level only then this game will be beneficial to earn more money online while playing games.

Where to Play Car Roulette?

If you have played Car Roulette games online before, you know there are numerous online gaming sites to choose from. One should exercise particular caution while selecting an online gaming platform because of the monetary incentives and awards associated with these games. Choosing a legitimate gaming site like can help you avoid getting scam. Playing online games like online rummy and Car roulette for cash is risk-free at Rummy gold because it is a legitimately license gaming site.

In the same vein, Rummy gold is a secure gaming option. Without our customers’ permission, we will not disclose any information that could be use to contact them personally.

Playing Car Roulette: The Basic Rules

Each kind of roulette has its own unique set of guidelines and laws. Learn the regulations of online cash games of car roulette thoroughly before you risk any real money playing. If you play by the rules, you can win big.

Each player in Car Roulette has 20 seconds to make a wager. Pick a betting zone and put down your wagers before time runs out. If you want to double your money, you’d better pick the right spot on the roulette wheel, because if you lose, you’ll have to shell out twice as much.

This Additional tutorial of car roulette allows you learn how to safe download and install legit application online registration account creation, adding fund and cash withdrawal

Continue reading down below information it helps you a lot in understanding and earning more money online while playing car roulette with the more game you can play in the app you can only download on our website.

How to download the App?

  •  Click on the Button above to safely download the latest app of car roulette game.
  • Update your phone settings to allow installation of APK file from unknow sources.
  • Wait for the installation to be finish and the installed app appear in your screen.

How to create an account in?

  •  Open the Newly Installed App in your phone.
  • Click Create an Account button.
  • Enter all the information the app required.
  • Check your phone SMS an OTP send by the app.
  • Verify your registration using the OTP Code.
  • Congratulation you now have your verified account to play car roulette in our game app.

How to add cash fund?

  •  Open your newly created account in our app.
  • Click on the upper right corner of the app wallet icon.
  • Select Add fund and the account you need to send money appear.
  • Open your prepared bank account or UPI to send money then Process.
  • Wait for the recharge money to appear in your account wallet.

How to withdraw cash?

  •  Click on to your wallet icon.
  • Select withdraw button.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • Enter your bank information where the system send your money.
  • Notification will notify you once the transfer is done.
  • Check your bank account and the withdraw money appear.
Withdrawal Image

More information about car roulette and how to earn more cash in the game while playing.

In this article we tackle other ways how we can earn real cash money with this app while playing car roulette along with the other available game in the app.

Refer and earn program from car roulette

  •  Click on the share icon from the upper corner of your screen.
  • Copy the generated Link with your account referral code.
  • Share it with your friends and love ones.
  • Also you can post it to your social media accounts to refer more people.
  • Make user that your refer finish registration and do their first recharge.
  • 30% of your refer recharge will go direct to your game wallet.

VIP membership and earning program from car roulette

  •  Play consistently within your first 7 day’s
  • Recharge the total of amount 5000rs within the given time.
  • Once the above requirements meet you are eligible to apply for VIP membership program.
  • VIP Program allows it own member to received 50rs daily log in bonus to use playing the game to earn more cash game bonuses.


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