A Guide to the Duel of the Sea King Playing Game

You and a group of other courageous Duel of the Sea King divers set sail towards a region that has not been charted previously in the expectation that you will find some long-lost treasure there. You are all competing in the same event, but due to a lack of finances, you are compelled to share a rented submarine and a single oxygen tank between the three of you. This is the only way that you can complete the race.

However if you do not make it back to the submarine in time before the oxygen tank runs out Duel of the Sea King, you will be required to hand over all of the valuables that you have accumulated in order to make it back on board without getting hurt. This is the only way that you will be able to make it back on board without getting hurt. 

You will not be allowed to re-board the ship without your goods if you do not do it in this specific manner; it is the only method. The further you venture into the unknown, the more valuable the antiques and antiquities you find will be to you. Now that the competition has begun in earnest, it is time to determine who among the participants is capable of bringing the most wealth back with them Duel of the Sea King.

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Duel of the Sea King

Duel of the Sea King Setup

It is essential that the submarine be shown in a location where all people may view it. According to the recommendation, the Air Marker ought to be placed. On the Sub Board at the position corresponding to five minutes to five o’clock.

It is possible to disguise the true worth of the Undersea Treasure Chips. By first sorting them according to Level and then shuffling them in an unpredictable order.

It is necessary to position each of the Treasure jackpot result Chips in the appropriate hole on the Submarine Board. Beginning with the hole on the lowest level and working your way up to the hole on the highest level. You are free to arrange them as you like as long as they remain in a line.

Players take turns in the game “Submarine” by inverting a “Sea Diver” and placing it on the “Submarine Board.”

A vacationer who just returned from the beach.

The point of the game

This game consists of a total of three “rounds,” often known as “deep sea dives.” Before each dive, the air tanks of the submarine are refilled and the divers board the vessel. When all three dives have been completed. The winner will be the contestant who has accumulated the greatest total score by the end of the competition.

If Duel of the Sea King you make it back to the Submarine. With a greater quantity of Undersea Treasure Chips, you will be rewarded with a higher point total. Only one person is permitted to access the submarine at any given time while it is submerged. The dive is over whenever all of the divers have returned to the submarine. Or when there is no more oxygen available.

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